Blog 2 200x198 - Reasons Your Business Should Have a Blog

The Benefits of Blogging for your Business People wonder if creating a blog is the best thing for their business. The answer is Yes…. It is a great thing to do for your business and offers many benefits to your marketing strategy. To start one of the major benefits of blogging is that it helps […]

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Google Place 200x198 - How to Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

Making Sure Your Business is listed online. Some business owners might be a little flustered by the amount of marketing methods that your business is expected to do. Blogging, social media, and ensuring that people can find you online might not come naturally to every business. However, making sure you have an internet presence with […]

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Responsive Website Development 200x198 - What are Benefits of a Responsive Website?

In our fast-paced world where technology changes almost every day, your business site needs to adapt to current technology as well. Now a Responsive website is a must and not just a luxury. So, what is Responsive Website Design? Responsive Web Design is a structural method that makes a webpage respond to the dimensions of […]

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Mobile App 200x198 - Is a Mobile App important for your Business?

Establishing and managing a business is tough and a business owner must find different ways to improve their marketing.  A mobile app is important  and can help your company get an edge in the competitive world of online marketing. So Why a Mobile App? You can save costs, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction by […]

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Success 200x198 - How a Small Business Benefits from a Website.

Why does your business need a website? Having a website is a great way to promote your business and attract potential customers. Your site connects your business to potential consumers 24/7, 365 days a year even when you are not at work. Your customers can get to know you and what you offer through your […]

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2017 200x198 - Check out the latest Web Design Trends in 2017

Latest Website Trends in 2017 In today’s world, people wake up every morning and the first thing  that they do is check their emails, plug in to social media and get the latest news and updates.  Generally people also check the stock market, listen to some music, search business, politics and sports ….. and finally […]

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small business 200x198 - INFOGRAPHIC: 10 reasons Small to Mid-Sized Business need reliable SEO

Lots of businesses are contented on just getting a website. Well, business owners, listen. It doesn’t stop there! What is a website if you are nowhere to be found? Here at Bishop Web Works, we focus not only on professional websites but also making sure that you make profit from it. Below we show you […]

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social media 200x198 - Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

This has been a topic of discussion for sometime.  Has Digital Marketing taken over Traditional Marketing?  Should you, as a business owner, shift towards digital marketing? Let’s find out. In helping  decide which is better for your business, let these questions guide you: Which method gives you the most results for your money? How will […]

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Retro Mic 200x198 - Podcasting as a New Content Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

This rise of digital marketing has also created arguments about the best digital marketing strategy. There are a lot of options for digital marketing, whether it is a paid search, blogging or posting on social media. One medium that is gaining in popularity is the podcast. It could be one of the best vehicles for […]

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link building 200x198 - 4 Techniques To Start Earning Links To Your Site

Linking is one of the most crucial parts of online marketing. The main goal is to seek, attract and earn as many links as possible to your site from related sites as well as social media platforms. Besides driving traffic, links are important because this is the single most credible metric used by Google, as […]

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email marketing 200x198 - 3 Simple Tips to Help You Produce Better Email Content

If you already devoted some time creating blogs, managing a social media account, and even reading a few articles from different websites, you’ll probably conclude that people don’t really spend that much time reading content online. There are many considerations including the fact that reading on a screen is more difficult and eye straining than […]

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Untitled 371x198 - How do you know if your Colorado Web Development company is an expert in building websites?

Choosing the right professional web company is one of the most important steps in creating your website brand or a functional e-commerce store. So how do you know if your web design company is an expert? There are many companies claiming to be Denver SEO web development experts. BishopWebWorks can help you make the process […]

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