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Keyword research is an important step in web site optimization.

What keywords are used to search for your site?

Often these terms are quite different than you would think. BishopWebWorks researches the best quality keywords used in Search Queries to achieve the best performance and highest traffic returns.  By using the most popular keywords that are most commonly searched the visitors for your target market, your website will be ranked high in the search engine results, which in turn get you more business.

Recent studies have proven that around 80% of online sales start with a general keyword search. If your website does not show up in the search results, because it lacks quality keywords, you lose traffic.

The uniform frequency of keywords over the pages is what makes your site more relevant than other sites. Contrary to a myth that stuffing the website full of keywords, it is more efficient to spread the keywords throughout the site keeping the correct keyword density We can help you in selecting the best keywords and implementing them correctly get the best results for you .

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