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It is important to take an active approach in your company’s online presence. Your website needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

Their are two ways you can manage your site.

The first…. is to let us handle all the updates. (We can be your website maintenance team.) Many client’s prefer this because they do not want the hastle website updates. So they just send a quick email with the required updates to BishopWebWorks and the work is typically completed within 2 -4 business days, depending on the complexity of the project.

Our regular website maintenance services include…
– Any requested update you want (within reason)
– Making overall website improvements
– Functionality problems? We can look for a solution.
– Adding a new page or social media section to your site.
– Updating the latest news.
– Adding a new event to your calendar
– Adding images to an image gallery
– Creating a custom blog
– Changes to text for SEO purposes
– Any unusual request that will help your site improve! We will listen to what you need!

The second option is to build the site with a Content Management System (C.M.S.) Worpdress and Joomla are the 2 most popular CMS and the ones we typically use. This lets the client update text and image on the site on their own. Many companies prefer to have this type of control especially if they plan on updating the site a few times a week.

Not sure on which type of maintenance to choose? Please give us a call at 970-376-6631 to discuss options.

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