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For those who want to take charge of their website we offer a Content Management System (or CMS)

A CMS gives the client control over updating their own site. The great advantage of this is there is no need to rely on a web company to make the updates for you.

We use 3 different content management systems depending on the complexity of the site

1. WordPress –  is our favorite and then one we use the most often. It is the most popular CMS in the world. WordPress can usually handle most of the clients needs and has many plugins to choose from.

2. Joomla – is another great Content Management tool. It is less popular than Worpdress but offers a bit more custom functionality.

3. Drupal – Probably the most powerful CMS but it is also probably hardest to use!

A typical content management system gives you the ability to do the following:
– Update content on a page on your site
– Add a new image to an image gallery
– Add a new image to a page
– Manage an upcoming event
– Update or manage a blog post

Please give us a call or email if you are confused on which CMS would be good option for your company or if you even need a site with a CMS.

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