Our pricing always varies since we offer unique and custom web design solutions to every website we build. The following price ranges are provided as a rough guideline. This can give you a basic idea of the cost. For an exact quote please give us a call to set up a Free Consultation.

Smaller website packages: $500 – $2,500
Average or typical WordPress web site/build project = $1,500 to $3,000 with the ability for the client to edit pages on the site. Large software and custom business software applications – $3,000 to $10,000 +

We offer a 6 month SEO package. We strongly encourage organic SEO and  offer “Pay per Click” services on a limited basis since we feel our clients get better results with organic seerch engine results with Google. We offer comprehensive organic SEO plans. To learn more about SEO please visit our SEO page.

Most of our clients host with BishopWebWorks on our world class servers. Our hosting and basic hosting support packages run between $120 – $360 per year. This depends on your hosting needs and how much space and bandwidth is necessary.

We offer website maintenance after your site is completed. This can be in the form of weekly updates or simply a general overhaul once or twice a year.  Effective business websites require ongoing care, maintenance, and improvements to the websites functionality. Our average client spends between $400 – $2,000 annually on optimizing, growing, and continually improving their online presence.

Typically, we provide clients with either a fixed quote or estimated cost of a project before we start any work. However, sometimes it is difficult to anticipate the exact time it will take on a project so we bill at an hourly rate. There is a 30-minute minimum for all hourly work.

Work that is usually billed hourly includes:

  • Simple website maintenance / Miscellaneous updates (If those requested updates take less than 6 hours)
  • Ongoing website consulting and recommendations.
  • Additional meetings / Skype video calls/ Conference calls

Is this an emergency? do you need something done  immediately?
Yes…. we can typically handle emergency updates….

However please remember that accommodating an urgent request requires our company to  rearrange our schedules and extend our work hours. So …therefore rush work has additional charges.

  • RUSH- Next-day turnaround +100%
  • WEEKEND (Saturday and Sunday work): +150%
  • SAME DAY  (i.e., same-day turnaround): +200% (Frantic email or call in the morning to get something done)

Usually “Rush Work” fees can be avoided with proper planning.

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