BishopWebWorks offers a wide variety of web design services and web development for your business. No work is too small or too large.

Listed below are common services we provide, but we can do anything that our customers want. Let us know your specific web requirements and we can build it. There is no limit to what we can do!

Website Design & Redesign
We can design a website from scratch or just give your website a facelift. If you are feeling confused on how to get started check our Getting Started page. This will give you a good starting point and some brainstorming ideas.

Website Development & Custom Programming
We can build custom sites with unique, logical code and programming for your specific application. We typically use PHP,CSS, HTML, Javascript, and Flash but can also work with CFM, ASP and .NET.

E Commerce & Content Management System
BishopWebWorks, Inc. can builda custom e-commerce solution that will work for your online store. Custom e-commerce stores might cost a little bit extra, but they give you the flexibility to build pages and the shopping cart structure to fit your business. Please visit our websites that run on your custom shopping cart platform. We also uses “Open Source” E Commerce platforms, which are typically X Cart, osCommerce, CRELoaded and Zen Cart.

Content Management Systems let you edit your site without having any technical skills. Joomla and Drupal are popular Open Source Content Management platforms

SEO- Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the process of improving web traffic to your site from the major search engines (Google , Yahoo, Bing) via “natural” or “organic” search results. BishopWebWorks works hard to get your site ranked on the first page or top ten results. If you are not in the top ten we feel taht SEO is worthless.  A good Search Engine Caimpaign is based upon on three major components….:

Keyword Research, Link Building and Content optimization. We usually offer 6 month and year long SEO caimpaigns. Most of our client that choose a 6 month plan renew for longer periods after the first caimpaign.

Flash Design & Flash Development
Using Flash is a great way to create cool effects and image transitions and we use it when is it appropriate. The one drawback to Flash is that a website built completely in Flash will typically not rank well in search engines. For that reason we like to embedd Flash into HTML.

Flash Development – Flash has transformed into a powerful development tool as well and many cool application can be buitl with with Actionscript.

Integrate Open Source Technology (Joomla & Drupal)
We often use an Open Source technology like Joomla or Drupal and use their platform to speed up development time. Sometimes this is more effecient and sometimes it can actually cause more headaches. It just depends on what you are trying to do!

Website Hosting
BishopWebWorks, Inc. uses state-of-the-art servers in a World Class Data Center, a tier-1 network, and excellent technical support. We give you the power, stability, reliability and technical support you need. Click here learn more about our hosting services.

Updates & Maintenance
We can handle updates to your site.  Many of your clients do not have time or do not want to update their websites. We are happy to do update and maintain the site for the client. This is done on an hourly basis and we bill in 15 minute increments.

BLOG Creation
We have created many BLOGS for customers and can build a custom Blog or a build one in WordPress or Blogger. Blogs are a great way to keep in touch with your clients and keep our site updated with information.

LOGO Creation
We create great logos at an affordable price. We also give you several design samples to choose. What more could you want?

Newsletter & Social Networking Campaigns
We have a custom newsletter module you can use to get a great looking newsletter to your client. We are also profficient in developing social and networking campaigns like Facebook and Twitter.

FREE Initial Consultation
Since we are so confident in our services we offer a FREE consultation. If you are local we can meet anywhere in the valley for your convenience . If you do not live close we can set up a meeting by phone or Skype.

Other services we provide….

  • Software creation and custom applications for your business
  • VERY affordable websites from 1 page to over a thousand
  • Website hosting including emails
  • Register your domain name
  • Create online contact forms with “spam” prevention captchas
  • Flash integration for unique screen animation and cool effects
  • Custom email Newsletters modules
  • Create logos for online identity

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