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Does your website contain the elements that your target audience is seeking? If not, then it my be time for a redesign.  BishopWebWorks (Vail Co Website design) will redesign your site at affordable prices.

Here is a checklist that will help you with a redesign

1) What are the goals of the redesign: You must have a defined goal. For example, do you just want more traffic or do you need to sell more products?   It’s not just about how your site looks, but also how it works. Many of these goals are dependent on one another. For example, in order to get more conversions, you need to increase your sites traffic while decreasing the bounce rate so people do not leave it.

2) Check your current Google Analytics: It is a good idea to know where you stand with your rankings and traffic so you can see how your performance after the redesign. Here are some key stats to know – The number of visits to your site per day, visitor, unique visitors,  your current bounce rate and the overall visitor time spent on the site.

3) Define your company brand and what you re selling: Before you begin your content, be clear about your message so that it’s consistent across your site. A new visitor should immediately understand what you do and how it relates to them, and why they should stay on your website and not flee to your competitors.

4) Figure out your market: Your website is not just about you business. Your visitors ask “what’s in it for me and what do you do?” Figure out what customers want from your business site and business.

5)  Optimize your site: Getting found online is essential to improving the rest of your site metrics. If no one is coming to your site, how can you increase leads, downloads, or prodcut sales? Try to figure out which pages receive the most traffic, inbound links, convert the most leads. If you plan to move highly valuable pages, create proper 301 redirects. Create a 301 redirect strategy This is important in terms of retaining traffic and link value associated with a page.

6) What are your competitors doing?  Do not obsess over your competitors but it is a good idea to know what they are up to. Take a look at competitor websites, and note what you think they do well and what they do not do well.

7) How did your redesign do? While a redesign is a great way to improve results and improve your company image there are ways it can hurt you, especially with SEO rankings. Your old website has some page rankings and many assets that you have built up over time and you can lose those during a redesign.  For example if you remove a page that has a higher number of inbound links, you could lose a lot of SEO credit, which will make it increasingly difficult for you to get found. Keep in mind that many web designers don’t consider this step because they are neither marketers nor SEO specialists.

So we recommend website redesign as a great way to help your business but want to remind you of these 7 basic ideas to help in your planning. If you are overwhelmed please give us a call or email before you start.

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