Brilliant Creative Marketing Campaigns Worth Learning From

image - Brilliant Creative Marketing Campaigns Worth Learning From

In order to create a successful marketing campaign, you need to learn from the ones that came before you. By combining the elements that will lead to success, your own campaign can leave a lasting impression. We’ve gathered some of the most iconic campaigns that used creativity to be effective. Are you ready to learn from the best of the best?

Nike: Just Do It

Today, the words “just do it” have become synonymous with Nike’s brand but before this advertising campaign ran, Nike’s sales were actually declining. The catchy slogan reflected the iconic logo design so effectively that those three words began to represent an entire lifestyle.

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This concept that anyone can achieve their goals pushed Nike’s 18% share of the North American shoe market to a breathtaking 43%, earning them billions in profit. It’s no wonder the campaign is still running 30 years later.

The Lesson

Nike’s “Just do it” campaign shows how important it is to create a brand identity. The foundation of this identity begins with a striking abstract logo design for effective marketing and slogan that appeals to ideals shared by a community. If you can attract people with your logo and slogan, your business is already moving towards success.

Dove: Real Beauty

When Dove discovered that only 4% of women in the world believe that they’re beautiful, it created a campaign that became a viral sensation. This campaign included women of all ages, sizes, colors and shapes and told the world that every woman was beautiful. Because it connected to women’s deep desire to feel pretty, Dove sales started booming.

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The Lesson

Dove’s campaign was successful because it targeted a topic that was personal to its target market in a deeply unique way. This shows how it’s important to connect with your audience on a personal level and speak to what they desire. Use creativity to make your target market feel worthy.

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Whether you love or hate them, you’ll probably never forget the first Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” advert that you saw. These ads embraced humor and creativity and they’re still memorable today.

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But its success isn’t only because of its creativity. When the campaign started becoming popular on social media, “Old Spice men” engaged with customers personally which increased its sales by 107%.

The Lesson

This Old Spice campaign teaches us two lessons:

–          The first one is that being creative and humorous is an effective way to garner attention.

–          Another lesson is that it’s essential to engage with your customer base, especially via social media. This will create a relationship between you and your target audience as well as leave a long lasting impression.

Absolut Vodka: The Bottle Campaign

When you look at an Absolut Vodka bottle, you probably don’t think that it’s anything special. Then why did it become the most recognizable bottle in the world? The company used creative design of course.

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It began by portraying the bottle in a variety of ways. About 1500 of these unique ads were launched, which got so much attention that Absolut now supplies half of the Vodka imports in America alone.

The Lesson

Even if your product is simple, with creative package design you can turn it into something that’s memorable. All you need to do is be as imaginative as possible. It’s also important to maintain this creativity and be persistent. Even after 1500 ads, Absolut’s campaign is still one of the most unique ones in the world.

California Milk Processor Board: Got Milk?

California’s “Got Milk” campaign is perhaps the most recognizable ad campaign in the world. It began because California wanted to increase its dairy farmers’ sales. And it worked. Within one year, milk sales increased where previously they were dropping by 3%.

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This campaign didn’t target a new demographic but focused on its existing one. Using simple imagery and a clear message, it’s still iconic today.

The Lesson

Sometimes keeping your campaign simple is effective as long as your message is clear. By appealing to your existing customers, you can also increase your sales by reminding them how important your business is.

Final Thoughts

What these campaigns make clear, is that design is a fundamental aspect of marketing. With effective design, you can communicate your message to your ideal target market, which will draw them to your business. At the end of the day, success is about your customers. Finding the most creative way to communicate with them will develop a long-lasting relationship.

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