Tips to improve navigation on your Ecommerce website

Here are a few tips to improve your ecommerce navigation. At BishopWebWorks we aim to improve Colorado Web Design and help you achieve the most business from your site.

Navigation is an important factor for ecommerce sites. Research prove that customers will stay longer on websites that provide simple navigation and easy shopping. This is vital for an online business as it helps customers find the prodcut they want quicky and provides a  better shopping experience which improves sales.

Here are a few tips to improve.

1. Reduce the number of clicks. Shopping should be easy and the client should be able to find a product without having to do too much work. You should not have to click more than 3 times to find a product you want to purchase.

2. Make your drop down menus effective. Essentially drop downs can be shortcuts to  product so you can go right to the product or the product subcategory. Drop down menus can be great if used effectively. Just make sure you see how they look on mobile devices.

3. Keep your navigation consistent. The navigation should be in the same location and be consistent on all pages. If you are lost on the site you should be able to get back on track by going to the top of site where the navigation is consistently displayed.

4. Include Search – Being able to Search is one of the most important tools for ecommerce site navigation. An easy to find search field should be be included on every page near the top.

5. Follow a Standard Design  – An e-commerce site is not where you want to experiment with your creative side. Typically there is a standard layout you want to follow. Clients are not looking for cool design … they want to come and be able to purchase products quickly.

With this in mind, navigation should either be at the top of the page or, for sites featuring left-to-right reading languages, on the left side of the page

Most of these navigation techniques are common sense, but it makes a big difference in your conversions rates. For tips and help on great Colorado web Design please visit our blog often. We hope this article helps!

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