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We have seen a large number of new features added to Social Media during the past few months.  Now, when as we look back at social media for July 2015 there are even more new features and updates.

Here is a list of social media updates and trends  that happened during the month of July 2015.

  • Twitter: At the beginning of this year, the social media reporting that Google was gaining access to Twitter’s tweets and would be soon indexing those tweets instantly. A recent study shows that Google has indexed only 3% of the tweets, which means the remaining 97% is still not indexed.
  • Google+: In a recent change from Google policy,  Google has declared that Google+ is no longer a necessity to access the services of Google. YouTube users are the real beneficiaries as they have been finding it difficult to create a Google+ page if they wanted to add a new channel.
  • Facebook: Facebook updates were related to video management in an attempt to make it easier. It provides page owners with more control over their video content. Administrators have been provided with more power to customize options while uploading a video which includes the options to make a video either secret or even set an expiration date. Facebook has added a few new features. First they are allowing advertisers to show multiple images or links in an advertisement. These ads are called carousel ads and have been popular with advertisers. Second, Facebook now lets you decide if you want to see the “News Feed” which means you can adjust the Preferences settings and filter the content.It has also decided to provide video ad publishers with an option to post video ads directly to Facebook, which has been an initiative in Facebook’s attempt to attract more advertisers. Another video related change helps both the viewers and advertisers as it will be adjusting the news feed algorithm according to the interactions with the videos.
  • LinkedIn: The company celebrated its achievement of the 1 million milestone of followers by posting it over their blog. Kudos to team LinkedIn!
  • Snapchat: With just a tap of your finger, Snapchat will open up stories of any length. Initially it required the people to touch the screen for a long time to view the entire story.
  • Pinterest: The latest Pinterest feature, buyable Pins has been unveiled in the US areas and is accessible to the iOS users over their iPad apps and iPhones. The feature allows you to directly buy the items over the Pinterest site without having to leave the site.
  • Instagram: A mobile app is now available over desktops with its search feature being enabled for desktop users to search for location tags and hashtags, etc.
  • Lets wait and see what happens for the new changes in social media during the month of August 2015. In this fast paced workd of social media we are sure there will be some new updates. BishopWebWorks is a Colorado Web Design company offering all kinds of social media promotion and SEO services. Please visit the site at: for more details.

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