3 Ways to Uplift your Blog on Social Media

The competition over social media is growing each passing day and it is difficult to decide what the customers prefer and what hits their eye. Bloggers and webmasters suffer from time constraints and find it rather tedious to produce a new content every time.

If you do not have enough time to curate content but cannot compromise over the quality then I would suggest reusing your existing content. Uplifting or repurposing is nothing but recycling the existing content into varying symmetries and targeting your audience again or reaching out a new group of audience.

Now the question is where do you start?

If you are used to frequent blogging practices, then your blog archives might be stacked by now. You just need to choose the best of your works, readjust the content with occasional tweaks and post it as a brand new content.

Content repurposing is similar to recycling your old pair of jeans as they are always available, all you have to do is convert them into an impressive pattern and use them. They are never out of style! Another tip is that you cannot uplift all of your content. Just the evergreen ones that has managed to attract consumer attention for a longer time. This is of course true! But you can choose all the existing high quality evergreen works that did well or not.

It might take some time when you are repurposing for the first time, but trust me it is actually a super time saver and you need it very much if you are a busy digital marketer with no time to curate content way often.

Let me take you into depth of the effective ways that can be employed to repurpose your content without failing to attract your audience:

  • Transform your Infographic Blog posts into slideshare presentations: Let me first of all give you some extra information, though you might be familiar with it, slideshare has managed to build a bigger community and it means you can easily achieve newer traffic and leads via these communities. The coolest thing about Slideshare is that they automatically detect the infographics when they are being uploaded and include these in the Infographics directory. Before you upload your infographics ensure that you save it one-page PDF format for ease of processing.
  • Youtube Videos that have been perfectly organized with the step by step guide: It is one kind of marketing that never ceases to fade in its role to entice the customers with visual magic thereby providing a deeper insight into what you have got to express. You can use how-to tutorials and step-by-step guide to tell the tale.
  • Link the old post into a LinkedIn Publishing Post: LinkedIn publishing has been providing a great power packed platform for content marketers these days. If you are already publishing your content via LinkedIn, then dust off your old blog content and post it here.

These are some simple tips to repurpose your content. BishopWebWorks is a Denver SEO company specializing in Search engine optimization and social media marketing services. Logon to our website at www.bishopwebworks.com for further details.

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