TIps to generate more leads via Social Media Marketing

Social Media is rising up as one of the most prominent modes in online business promotion. Social media is imperturbable in its role at promoting, creating brand awareness, expanding the business reach and increasing followers. But, things can go wary if not done in inclination to the customer’s interest. One mistake and you will end up destroying the brand reputation you built.

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There are certain practices that are implemented for business promotion over social medias and needs to be reverted and fixed today. Let us discuss these points in detail:

  • Navigating via different social media networks simultaneously: Customer groups vary depending on the genre to which your business belongs and accordingly you need to customize your social media activity. For instance, if you own a boutique that mainly  exhibits womens accessories, then it would be notably your first accomplishment, if you manage to achieve followers on Pinterest. Studies show that ladies belonging to the age category: 25-40, are active on sites like Pinterest, though they are occasional visitors to Facebook business pages.

In an attempt to reach out a wider audience, people sign up on a variety of social media sites including Google+, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. If their activity on these sites are to be monitored then the result would be a depressingly minimal one. The point lies in finding out the network with the maximum customer activity with regard to  your product.

  • Everything is limited to Facebook: As we have already discussed, the point lies in analysing and researching which is the social media site that is prominent among the targeted set of audience. There is no denying the fact that Facebook is the one site where 70% of the world’s adult population begins their day at, but do not forget the other sites which are involved in industry related hot discussions that are  product specific.
  • Check out what you are posting: Often we come across leading dailies reporting offensive remarks or posts that someone comes up with. It might not be intentional but think about the kind of impact it can have on your brand or business when people learn that you are misbehaved in your social circle and lack even the basic manners of staying calm. Whatever you post or tweet is permanent and stays there as a black mark and the social media prowlers are smart and sharper and act faster even before you can rethink of deleting or removing the post. It might be too late before you can take a step as people might have already started sharing your darker side. Just double check and think over before you post on anything over the social media.
  • Let them know you better: Often the posts and tweets carry a monotonous robotic tone while communicating. This is quite a boring affair from the visitor point of view. They would like it when a person is actually addressing them and emotional talks are supportive in generating a liking for your business. So, get it done by implementing an emotional quotient for appeasing your customer.

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