Do you have a responsive website design? Still falling behind in searches?

Still falling behind in searches? Find out what might be wrong …

Google’s new mobile policy to get all websites optimized for mobile devices has forced businesses to implement responsive website design. “Survival of the fittest” applies to search engine competition and still there are many websites that have not made the sites mobile friendly.

If your website has suffered in Google rankings, even with an mobile friendly site we can help.We are up to date on Google’s visibility criteria and can help you get your rankings back on top. BishopWebWorks is a Denver SEO company that has been delivering affordable SEO packages with no compromise and ethical techniques.

Here are a few common mistakes while optimizing websites for mobile phones:

  • On the desktop version: We have found that many designers start developing their E-commerce websites for a desktop, rather than for mobile phones, and then scale it down for the smaller screen. However research proves that it is actually easier and more convenient to start the design on a smaller screen rather than for the desktop. Remember more people are going to use their cell phones to gain access to your site than the desktops. That is a pretty dynamic shift from a few years ago. So why not start the design for mobile phones and then move on to a larger screen? It will help you provide a better user experience for the mobile phones.
  • Get an idea of your visitor: Most people begin the design before taking into account or  analyzing  their customers  and what they expect from your business. This is critical because it gives you an idea of your customer habits and their demographics that includes the type of mobile devices, and how they use it. These tactics will help you design an app that is sophisticated and provides an enhanced user experience.
  • Test it: We have seen large retailers and business not be ready with their new mobile phones. Unfortunately, these sites are no less than the desktop versions and fail to load correctly on the mobile device. You must pay attention to tested a mobile friendly site by testing the latest browsers with different mobile devices.
  • Content: The regular practice is to display lesser content whenever a site is being viewed via mobile phones. But most of the users depend on multiple devices for online shopping, so why offer them less when they are seeking for something more. Exhibit the same content over all the devices, why settle for something less and lose your customers?
  • Responsive Emails: Now that you have a responsive website, the next step is to send your customers responsive emails. Many times emails are found to be non-responsive whenever a customer tries to reach out to learn more. Don’t lose out on an important consumer with a non responsive Email service.

BishopWebWorks, is experienced with  all kinds of web design services, at affordable prices, and is also one of the top rated Denver Web Design companies. Contact us to know how we can help your business flourish through an improved mobile friendly site.

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