Social Media Promotion….Where to share your blog posts other than Facebook and Twitter…

It might come as a surprise that being not only to being a popular Colorado Web Development company, our services are not limited to designing and optimizing sites but extend beyond that. Yes, we also do social media promotion because we know it takes more than a stand alone website to please demanding customers.

Do you think writing a blog and publishing will bring in lots of new customers? Just a few years ago a blog might have helped, but now you have a long way to go after hitting the “publish” button.

A regular practice that bloggers generally follow is sharing their posts on Facebook and Twitter. What about the rest of the social media platforms? Do not worry, as an experienced Colorado Web Design company we know where to post your information to increase your exposure.

Let us examine in detail these different social media platforms for sharing your blog posts:

  • LinkedIn groups: LinkedIn is one place where you can take your blog post for more reach. You can post your blog in groups that are actively discussing similar topics. Try to make sure that the people belonging to the particular group find the discussion relevant or else it would be considered as spam and your content will be ignored.
  • Instagram: Recent research has shown that there are a more active people on Instagram when compared to Facebook and other social media platforms. Currently It is considered to be the new cool platform, especially among the teens. If your business  has teenagers customers you definitely want to be on Instagram.
  • Whenever people want to learn more on what’s trending with a particular topic they depend on and, we as a rapidly growing Colorado Website Design company also follows the same path to learn more about the new website design trends. You can use the freemium accounts to publish your blog posts initially, later you can make payments to publish more. Nothing comes free of cost and it is worth paying if you can drive in more visitors to read what you curate.
  • SlideShare: You can easily convert your blog post using a software like PowerPoint and share the document on SlideShare. It has been found that SlideShare  users so you can rule this site if you are the first to take the hot topic online.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is a place which has a huge traffic coming in and if you share an attractive image with a link to the content then rest assured you can take home a huge customer base.

These are some of the most relevant social media platforms where you can easily gain enormous views for your blog post and apart from these StumbleUpon,, and Google+ communities can also bring in more traffic for your blog share.

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