Boosting your Presence with LinkedIn. Here are some tactics:

LinkedIn is one of those social media tools that can be employed as an ideal tool to trigger your reputation particularly if you are engaged in long form of blogging. Your aim should be to curate long form of blog posts that Google will easily accept and index your content for better reputation benefits.

As always, the competition is very tight over there as there are already millions of long form posts available over LinkedIn with 50000 new ones being added every other week. So, now the question is how do you get your post to stand out in the crowd when everyone tries to curate posts that are exceptional? This means if you write down something and post it over  LinkedIn, there is every chance that your posts will not even be clicked through even once. Why take the risk when there are some simple tips to post content that actually deserves appreciation.

Here are some simple tips to write just the thing that will take your LinkedIn post to the top:

  • Interact through your creation: Bragging is a tool of most writers who try to visualise their achievements as a trophy while writing long form posts. Yeah, it is a good choice of topic when you are trying to market your brand, but the general problem with these kinds of posts are that they are all the same, after a set of posts, do you think people want to read the same thing over and over again?

Naturally, they get bored. Ofcourse, whether it is the case with you or me, the same scenario applies, not any of us would be interested to poke our head into the same thread of writing an article when there is nothing new for the reader to do.

Ask questions, make it a conversation, let them feel they are being addressed, their problems are being looked upon and that you are one among them. Don’t forget the comments section which is the one that plays an important role in garnering visitors and encouraging them to revisit. When people post a comment they are sure to revisit your post to check for reply comment. If you have replied then your reputation sweetness doubles and you are sure to get a whole bunch of new customers every now and then.

You do not have much to your blog….check back often….reply to the comments and recheck soon. Google loves these kinds of updated activities and takes special effort to index these posts quite often.

  • Choose the hottest and trending topic: LinkedIn places no obstructions or restrictions on the type of content that you can post or publish over the site. You can even write about your hobbies or favorite pass time here….but what use is an article that has no relation with the people you are targeting. It has been found that people mainly prefer LinkedIn to check for hot topics trending in the industry.

Give them what they seek and they will always be greatful for your share of information that they were searching. LinkedIn recently released an analysis toolkit that allows you to analyse the number of people reading your posts and this scale will help you to gather an idea of the count of hits that your post achieves.

LinkedIn is a good place to start you reach towards the target customer category for your business.

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