Attention Content Marketers: Don’t write your next article until you read this!

“Content is still king” and you cannot afford to take a leap with content promotion, when it comes to e-business. So, that means you cannot escape the content part of online marketing. A sneak-peek into the statistics of the online data usage shows that more than 1.5 billion pieces of fresh content, 2 million videos and 140 millions tweets are circulating every single day.

Writing a killer piece of content is not as easy as it might seem to be, because the prospect of creating blog after blog can be too boring as it requires you to put in your earnest efforts to curate an interesting piece of article. Infographics is one of the most effective ways of promoting content online. When it comes to a small start up, people are doubtful whether Infographics can do the job of an eye catcher or educate people, but yes as you have it, this kind of content curation is like the flip sides of a coin with its pros and cons that plays an important role in business promotion.

Think honestly whether you would like to stay on a website that has figures derived from some source and appears to be less reliable? No. We don’t want such facts and figures, but statistics that are expressed beautifully with images or something that appears to be appeasing to the reader’s eye just like they are expressed inside an infographics, the reader will stick on as the figures get etched to the memory and it’s quite easy too. The otherwise vaguely written facts don’t stay in the memory or people don’t even bother to crawl across the facts for even a second, so that they can relate to it at a later time.

Remember all those times when we started our schooling, majority of us used to love pondering through the pictures and images in your books and relate to their names quickly. The same rule applies to the fun facts and figures that we express via infographics and people love to share such posts and it triggers social media engagement.

Of course all this appears to be enthralling to the readers when pictures, images, flashy graphics, figures, and facts are all arranged in a well-defined format. But, a small derangement in the lustre of the arrangement can push you down the ladder. A proper arrangement of the fonts, size, images, color choices, placement etc. decides the fate of your content in the online world. Small businesses have lesser choices as they need to hire or outsource their content curation works to an outsider.

Piktochart,, and Venngage are some of the online tools that supports infographics creation without the need for too much or no capital investment at all.

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