Tips to creating vibrant social media campaigns…

Have you thought why people are more prone to a social media post rather than content that you post on your website? Social media goes beyond tweets, pins or posts and is more  about relationships. These relationships build trust and can last a lifetime.

Your social media campaigns must be directed towards establishing long term relationships with your followers, they are the ones that will create a return on your investment.

Of course keeping these relationships intact for years to come is difficult so you will need to have some plans to keep the bond moving forward. Here are a few basic tips that will help you achieve some long lasting relationships:

  • Add a stroke of human touch to your brand interactions: What comes to your mind when you hear of Samsung or Intel? Tablets, PC’s, mobile phones and similar images hit your brain. With each brand name some kind of image comes floating into your mind.

Once a brand is successful in creating a brand identity in the mind of customers they start to become loyal. This is the point that you have been waiting for and when it all comes together.  Communications get established and ignited. Establishing a friendship with is a lot easier rather than shaking hands with a faceless machine.

Here are some simple tips: You can either use a  profile photo image or a cover photo to trigger your brand’s image. You could also use a “behind the scenes” photo of your business to give your customers an idea of what really goes on.

Let your employees interact with your customers: This gives your employees a feeling of pride for the company and keeps users engaged.

  • Follow a narrative pattern that will force your readers to indulge into an activity. People can like your page in exchange for a coupon or a freebie is an outdated technigue that still is successful.  You can also get user intraction through quite a  few favors by providing them a peek into small beginnings.

Share your brand’s story with the people you care and see how they come to you and share their part of the story.


  1. Create a story that is emotional and describe a story in detail that will appeal to their senses.
  2. You can ask your clients to share their stories so it is helpful for everyone.
  • Don’t forget to make it fun. People spend a lot of time enhancing and building their  audience with the social media , but in the long run social media has to be fun. Remember not to lose track of the fun part which is usually what keeps people around.

Make some jokes and have a little fun …..

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