Listen to your audience and generate leads…. How?

A business flourishes only when you come out and interact with your audience. How do  know what kind of reviews customers provide on your product, how they rate your service, who are your competitors and what are the latest trends? The most effective tool is social media and listening to their comments. Go look over social media and check out what people are saying and doing!

When you get to see your future clients and their interactions over social media you can get  an ideas of what interest them, even when they are actually talking about your product or services. By supporting the online reputation of your business you can boost your brand visibility and building a community that brings you closer to your customers.

This means greater customer conversion and ultimately a more positive experience.

If your conversations are well-planned, strategically organized and you have a strong relationship via the communities, then it means your social media campaign is working.

How can you generate leads by just simply listening to your audience? Here are a few simple and easy tips:

  • Talk to the people: There are people out there who are talking about you, engage them. This is a simple tip and might sound obvious but it is often ignored. It is a routine process that many of us tend to forget since we are busy with other aspects of our business.

Remember when you fail to monitor your customers you are losing a lot of business like lead conversion and opportunities to build new relationships.

You customers need not indulge directly into a conversation with you, but when you are over the social media you can hear what they are talking about you. For example research shows that 31% of tweets showing company names do not include their handle.

  • Monitor your competitor’s conversations: It is a golden rule to be kept in mind, always stalk on your competitors to know what are their offers and how well they are able to solve the customer concerns and what are the customer weak points that they have managed to shoot at.

The main advantage is that you can hold on to the point that differentiates your brand from theirs. You can even contact your competitors to seek help from them and learn how well they solve the problems that others are facing by posting in the comments section.

  • Monitoring customer issues related to your product/service: You need to monitor the customer pain points by listening to the industry terms/ phrases they are utilizing to express it. Then you can suggest an appropriate solution to their problem.

Rather than just designing a website  that sits stagnant ….you can do more to attract new visitors by engaging in social media  and generate interest in what you do which will eventually lead to new sales.

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