When do you need to hire a dedicated SEO consultant for your business?

bww_hire_seo When do you need to hire a dedicated SEO consultant for your business?

A recent research showed that many of the online business setups ignore SEO as it is considered to be unnecessary for the site’s ranking. This is one of the reasons for the declining rate of SEO as businesses do not use it and this lack of trust prevents them from hiring quality SEO experts or agencies to assist them in getting their sites optimized for the search engines.

Seeking help from an SEO expert or consultant can prove to be helpful at various stages of an online business. Let’s chart out a few strategies in an online business when you need to consult Denver SEO companies to achieve success.

Designing a new website:

For a matter of fact it is not necessary that you go ahead with designing a new website, let’s take an existing website for instance that you want to redesign. As we have already discussed you skip some of the SEO work as you consider it to be unimportant for your website. This can destroy the traffic flow to your website. Then how do you resolve it? Do not plan to get some basic SEO done by yourself and launch your site as it can be harmful when done by someone who has the least knowledge of what is to be done.

Though no one says it is wrong to get the basic redesign work done by yourself but do not climb an extra step ahead as it can ruin the entire thing. Redesign work usually involves bringing in a different kind of CMS, or including new pages which can be a disaster.

Some important tips for getting website redesign done from Colorado  web development company:

  • Optimization
  • Create a 301 redirect map
  • Perform content audit
  • Monitor response codes constantly on a regular basis
  • Crawl your site
  • Provide page title and H1 recommendations

New to Digital Marketing? Here is what Denver SEO can do for you.

If you are new to digital marketing, remember SEO and their contributions are not limited to creating H1, title & meta tags, but they can contribute even more. Both digital marketing and SEO have been evolving at the same pace.

SEO & digital marketing some important points to remember:

  • Include noindex tags in the right place
  • Integrating Google Webmaster tools
  • Optimizing Robots.txt
  • Integrating Google Analytics

Content Marketing:

They say there is no SEO as content marketing is replacing the so called SEO tactics to woo the customers online. But wait, of course content marketing  is the sole base of any forms of online business. The magic works success when both SEO & content marketing is integrated together. Check out how:

  • The right keywords to be included in an effective content is presented by an SEO expert
  • The user intention on searching any particular query is the most important phase of content marketing.
  • All SEO tactics and features should fall in place if the content marketing effort is to succeed.

There might be a time when there is no need of an SEO expert or consultant to get the SEO done as it might not deliver fruitful outcomes. But till then let us stick on to the traditional prospects of hiring a Colorado Search Engine Optimization company for success in online business.

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