More US Adults own a smartphone than a degree!

I thought this was an interesting headline because it shows the importance of mobile applications. Now not only do you need a website but  you need a website that looks good on mobile phones as well.

In the Article -  it stated that more Americans own Smartphones than hold a bachelor’s degree or speak another language in their homes (Pew Internet Project report)

A telephone survey was completed and  83% of people said that they owned a cellphone of  and 35% of the 2,277 U.S. adults questioned said that they owned a smartphone.

I can only see those number increasing in the future.Everyone who owned a smartphone was likely to use that phone to access the Internet. Nine in 10 smartphone owners (87%) used their phones as Internet portals — about 78% of them did so every day. Nearly a third of smartphone owners use their device as their primary Internet connection.

With so many people relying on their phones for both verbal and digital communication, it’s no wonder the researchers compiled to show respondents’ feelings toward their cellphones includes words like “necessary,” “convenient” and even, perhaps somewhat disturbingly, “love.”

Let BishopWebWorks, Inc help you develop a mobile website or even a mobile application. Since people “love” their phones a mobile website will hopefully make them :love” your busines as well.


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