Some simple tips to increase visitor activity on Facebook

BishopWebWorks is one of the Denver Web Design companies that is striving to provide our people with the best of web design and SEO services at reasonable prices. Social media is one of the influencers that have been evolving over the years and playing a prominent role in connecting businesses and people from all over the world.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest have been emerging with more business possibilities as people are taking up to these sites for fulfilling their needs. Though all these sites have a large number of customers swarming in and out for acquiring the best deals, it is Facebook that leads in the number of customers that depend on it for all their needs.

This makes it necessary for business to stay alert and active over a site like Facebook. There is hardly any net savvy without a Facebook account which makes it obvious that you need to make your presence known over these sites. There are a few things that needs to be taken into consideration when using Facebook for businesses which starts with questioning and these questions are:

  • When do we post?
  • What kind of posts bring about engagement
  • Which is the best time to post?

Here are some related factors that have been strategized in association with the above questions:

  • Which is the best time to post on Facebook? Preferably we would suggest that you make your posts when your people or followers are online. Check out when they are working and abstain from making any posts during this time. Mostly people are at work between the time 7 am to 8 pm. So, avoiding putting up your posts when they are busy if you want an increased number of likes and shares.
  • Which is the best day to make your posts on Facebook? For an increased customer activity it will be a great idea to post throughout the week and it has been found that Wednesday is one of the days when the level of activity is high over these pages on Facebook.
  • Do you need to post more than once every day? Quality matters and not quantity. The standard posts receive 32% more of likes and shares when compared to the others.
  • Frequency of posts: Do not stuff your users newsfeeds with a number of posts. It is like posting one to four times brings about 71% higher user engagement than five or more posts in a given week for retail brands.

These are some of the simple tweaks that can be utilized to bring about a lot of customer activity on your Facebook.

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