Social Media in Full Circle

There was a time when face-to-face discussions were impossible or even cumbersome and humans have dreamed up plenty of creative solutions. Be in touch with people and happenings associated with us in different ways across the world has become quite essential in our day to day activities of the fast living pattern; No matter, it’s in professional life, personal life or in your business. Even though there were different means of communication like letter, telegram, telephone etc to get in touch and convey messages to the people we intent to communicate with, it didn’t serve the purpose of fast and live communication.This made it very important to be updated with the people concerned and grab quick response in a trusted easy way. And that was the beginning of Social Media; the quite inevitable slice in retaining an unbreakable link.


Social networking made it a reality to helps people to build strong social relations among those who share similar interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. This being a web-based services, allow individuals to create a public profile and a list of users with whom to share connections.From the very first day of it advent; social networking sites has been very powerful in becoming the auxiliary means to share real time ideas, pictures, posts, activities, events, and interests with people in their network making things happen from anywhere and everywhere; and that is the real essence of keeping yourself communicated

Although a new trend; online social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are the innate payoff of decades of social media development. With the flourish of social media sites; people could message anyone over the phone even; send photos, videos and original stickers that express exactly what they are feeling. In the present time, most businesses and corporate folks are joining Facebook to promote their company, product and brands on a broader perspective of enhancing global presence.Apart from this, for almost anyone and everyone round the globe social networking sites like Facebook has become the reason to keep up with their friends, share photos, links and videos and keeping knowing about what is happening around the people that they meet. The best part is that you can be free to open up on what you feel about ten things that are happening around your friends, business or any other topic of your concern.

It is quite interesting to note that even though the conventional approaches of social networking was persisting among even decades ago, the real thrive of this communication channel became relevant by the imminent entry of Social Media. Social Media has taken the world by storm through a range of websites, mobile apps, and other forms of technologies improving the way people communicate with each other, opening up the way for a mass collaboration, bring the world at its user’s finger tip. This makes it to say “Social Media in Full Circle” that it is maintaining a progressive cycle of advanced me

Has social media made a positive or negative impact on the way people connect with each other? Studies says it has done both.

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