Simple tips to Promote Blog posts over Social Media Sites

We have been repeating time and again that blogging is one of the best platforms that can be utilized to promote a business for better sales. The following concepts can prove it:

  • Businesses with 200 total blog posts derive 6 times more traffic than those with under 20 blog posts.
  • Companies that utilize blogs for business promotion have 80% more of new visitors

How do these new visitors reach your blog?

  • RSS
  • Referral Links
  • Email
  • Direct
  • and Organic Search

Here are some of the ways that you can adopt to promote blogs over the social media:

  • Why not ask question instead of using a title: This is one of the simplest techniques but is actually effective. When you ask questions you are yourself finding out the different possibilities and chances that can arise with regard to your product specific topic. Your question needs to be the one that prompts people to take action. People should have an answer to what they are searching for when they come to you. There are simple tweaks that can be utilized like including some fun facts or creativity and also links that is indeed helpful.
  • Use effective statistics: Start your post with some intriguing figures or statistics that has been used in your blog. The success of Infographics prove exactly how people love statistics, facts and figures when it comes to reading a blog post. So, when you post a stat or fact figure from your blog it would be too interesting for the people to read and they will automatically reach you.
  • Memes: It is an era of Memes where people prefer fun and facts to be infused in together and then described through a post. Whenever an appealing Meme is found over the social media it is a general tendency of the people to click through and reach the blog post where it has been posted.

These are some simple techniques that we can utilize to promote blog posts over the social media.

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