Internet Explorer Losing Market Share & Dominance

BishopWebWorks, Inc a Colorado web design and development company has to constantly monitor Search Engines. We need to know how different browsers show sites as well what browsers are the most popular. We test all the sites we design and develop in I.E., Firefox , Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer has been the leader for many years and it is STILL the market leader. However, Internet Explorer is losing its market share to Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Only 2 years ago Internet Explorer (I.E) had around 7o% of the browsing traffic.

BishopWebWorks is actually happy with this trend and hope it conintues as Firefox and Chrome show sites closer to how they are coded and how they were intended to be viewed. I.E. tends to display sites differently with code and we have to constatly tweak sites to display correctly in I.E.

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