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Are you ready to redesign your website?  Lets see … it has been about a year since you even looked at your site. It has been about 2 years since you actually changed anything on it! You think about it from time to time but never seem to be able to get the time for it. Does this sound familiar?  This is a pretty common scenario. For many businesses their website takes a backseat to other more immediate issues.

This is where we come in. Tell us what you want and we can build it. Just the way you want it!  This is a great time for website redesign, since there are a lot of new technologies that can help you keep it up to date and let you make the changes yourself.

Not sure how to proceed. Just give us a call or use our web design quote form

Here are a few things we try to keep in mind with a redesign.

Simple layout  –  We prefer a clean design, with large images and a simple navigation that indentifies your business. All of the websites that we build are responsive. (So that they look great on all devices!). Your redesign site should be responsive as well.

Create efficient, simple designs – In 2014 and beyond, you can expect designs to maximize the use of space, typography and mobile optimization right out of the box. Simple landing pages designed to minimize scrolling and user-friendly frameworks will continue to amaze us with their potential.

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