Feeling the effects of Panda?

Feeling the effects of Panda? – We know we are!

At the end of February, 2011 Google had a major update that affected 12% of all websites. BishopWebWorks was in that 12% and we dropped in our keyword rankings considerably. We probably dropped about 10 -20 spots in the for some of our keywords. BUMMER! What can you do to avoid dropping in your SEO rankings?

Google conducted qualitative research (they spoke with individuals and not just a big questionnaire) to find out what they considered to be low quality sites.Once they got those results Google was able to define low quality sites with actual factors that Google could measure. This gives Google a mathematical definition of low quality.

A few reasons for why Google might consider your site to be “low quality”

A high % of duplicate or copied content.

A low amount of original content on a page or site.
A high % (or number) of pages with a low amount of original content.
A high amount of inappropriate (Ads do not match the search queries a page does well for) advertisements, especially high on the page.
Page content (and page title tag) do not match the search query
Unnatural language on a page including heavy-handed on-page SEO (‘over-optimization’ to use a common oxymoron). Unnatural overuse of a word on a page.
High bounce rate on page or site.
Low visit times on page or site.
Low % of users returning to a site.
Low clickthrough % from Google’s results pages (for page or site).
High % of boilerplate content (the same on every page).
Low or no quality inbound links to a page or site (by count or %).Low or no mentions or links to a page or site in social media and from other sites.

If any of these factors is relevant to Panda, it is unlikely that they will be so on their own.

Like all SEO it is the sum of all of these that will add up tpgether and get you  ‘Panda points’ (and points do not mean prizes in this game). Panda points will be added up. Cross a threshold (the Panda Line) and all the pages on your site seem to be affected. This includes quality original pages being ranked well. Google have said that “low quality content on part of a site can impact a site ranking as a whole.

Hopefully this helps and you can fight back against the Panda updates and get those high rankings and traffic back!


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